• R.I.P. HAROLD PENDLETON 1924 - 2017

    Born in Lancashire , Harold trained as an accountant and moved to London in 1948. He had a love of jazz music, and when he became friends with Chris Barber, who had set up the National Federation of Jazz Organisations of Great Britain (NFJOGB). Harold took on the roll of the organisation's secretary, shortening its name to the National Jazz Federation (NJF).

    In 1958, Harold took over the jazz nights held in the Marquee Ballroom in Oxford Street, playing a pivotal part in bringing American musicians to the UK, including Muddy Waters. The club began hosting R&B nights in 1962, and featured the then very early Rolling Stones.
    In 1964 Harold moved the club to its most famous address 90 Wardour Street where artists such as The Who, David Bowie, Hendrix, to name just a few played. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the club, and its attached Marquee Studios recording facility, became one of the leading venues for R&B, mod, punk and rock music in Britain.
    Harold also set up the first National Jazz Festival in 1961. Over time, the event expanded to include not only jazz but also blues, R&B, mod, punk and rock music, at Windsor, Plumpton and Reading where it later became known as The Reading Rocks Festival.


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    Mick Fleetwood reflects on the 50 year anniversary since the Marquee Club changed his life forever.

    Check out some of our highlights from Mick Fleetwood’s article in the Sunday Express.

    ‘It was there I made life-long friends, saved sweethearts and survived fights. It was there I went from complete obscurity to learning the tools of my trade from the musical masters of our time.’

    ‘The Marquee was the jewel of the London clubs. All the musicians wanted to play there.'

    ‘I have a first, stomach-turning memory of playing the Marquee with my band The Cheynes. We had no following and it was a miracle to have been asked to back the legendary blues star Sonny Boy Williamson. This giant of a man played a tiny harmonica and dressed in the coolest suits, all mismatched fabrics in wild designs. We had studied his albums and learned his every note by heart to prepare for this honour.’

    ‘On the night Sonny Boy went totally off book, dropping into the middle eight at different places. We just didn’t get it and kept trying to play the song the way we had learned it. We even tried to correct him by corralling him back to the way the song was supposed to go.’

    ‘This did not go over well. He stopped playing in mid-song and bawled us out in front of the audience for not following his lead, not listening or watching for his signals.’

    ‘It’s a funny thing, going back to an iconic place to commemorate the fact that something great happened there.’

    ‘I remember walking into the Marquee on a rainy day in the early 1980s like a ghost, wandering through a unique moment in time. I was there at the club’s inception and became a part of its history. This was where I came up the ranks, this was where I met John McVie, this was where the rhythm section of Fleetwood Mac was born. I hold it in my heart with utmost gratitude.’


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